Just As You Are


A collection of stories and illustrations which explore love, fear, courage, overcoming adversity, inspiration, following your heart and believing in your own path.
These stories have warmed and touched many a heart and has been tried and tested on eyes and ears of all ages. I hope they gently remind you and your loved ones that you're wonderful, just as you are.
Inside this book are:
Pressure To Be Magical
An Elephant Called Arthur
Horrible Scary Things
The Spider And Me
Mamma Moved Mountains
A Path Less Travelled
A Bold 2020
Just As You Are
Josh's Rocket
"Beautiful... I want to read this out loud to my grandchildren as they grow from babies to adults"
"Please tell me you're going to publish this, it's so sweet and very much needed right now"
"Oh my goodness, this is so great! Your poems and art are so comforting, they warm the heart like the biggest hugs!
"Your illustrations, rhymes and stories are just beautiful"
"Please turn this one into a book, I would keep it by my bed and read it every morning"

Customer Reviews

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Just as you are - a beautiful, kind, gentle reminder for all ages!

An absolutely beautiful book with wonderful illustrations and amazing words, this book will resonate with anybody who reads it. It's inherently human to have wobbles and self doubts about who we are especially in a world that tells us we must be look, behave, act, strive for certain things. This beautiful little book helpfully and gently reminds you that you are who you are and more importantly that whoever you are and whatever that looks like is completely and utterly fine and does not need to change. Love it, is part of the regular uplifting collection, and have gifted it. I would highly recommend!

Sophie Welch
Very special

I don't really know where to start, there aren't really any words to describe how lovely this book is. The words and illustrations are like a big warm hug, a scrumptiously comforting hot chocolate in your favourite mug after a long day. Very meaningful and totally feel-good, a highly recommended read. I will treasure this book always as it is truly special. My daughter adores reading the stories and listening to me read them too. Thank you Lorna!

Melanie Fenner
Beautiful book

I love Lorna’s work and I’m delighted with Just As You Are. The book arrived beautifully packaged with a personalised message from Lorna. Very happy, I’m hoping to get a print next 😊

Amanda Hornsbury

Beautiful poetry which is really powerful! The illustrations are so charming I cannot begin to describe them with adequate praise!

Sam Holder-Watson
Beautiful books

The words and images are stunning and an amazing heart moving addition to any collection for everyone of any age