You'll notice I've got quite a bit in common with the characters I create. I love the magic of the everyday and it brings me joy to create heartwarming, illustrated stories.


A little about why I love what I do
Stories and illustrations can leave you with a belief in magic that is so strong, that you will spend hours sitting in your wardrobe hoping that this will be the day you find Narnia. 



Those magical worlds can shape your future. I always loved the wintry scenes of Narnia and went on to spend 10 years living in snowy mountains. Those illustrations and stories stay with you. The magic, the warm feelings, stay with you.




If I could do one job, it would be to make someone feel so warm and cosy before they sleep, that they dream their own world of magic. And it warms my heart no end when I find out I've made that happen:

“She chose where on her wall she wanted her print to go, so she can see it from her bed with the night light on. At only 4 years old she loves the rabbits the best but the fact that every time she looks at it she notices something that she didn't see before. It's a picture that she can grow up with, that as a teenager she will still love and hopefully pass onto her own children when the time comes. Magical!” Stacey R, UK

My biggest project so far 
In 2020, I embarked upon a dream I had of animating one of my stories - Mr Bear's Christmas. Teaching myself to needlefelt so that I could create the characters and set. Here's an interview where I fill you in on the highs, the lows and the behind the scenes…



Hours of illustrating simplified into a nutshell:

Some of my favourite things which always inspire me: