Welcome to the home of Mr Bear

We're celebrating here as Lorna's latest animation - Mr Bear's Birthday - is a finalist at the Collision Film Awards.

The Tales Of Mr Bear

Delight in the magic of the everyday with three heartwarming stories in this beautifully printed Limited Edition book. 

Meet Lorna, the artist behind Toots Design...

I create stories which delight in the magic of the everyday and provide comfort for the trickier parts of life, told through short stories, beautiful illustrations and heartwarming animations.

"We think you're great"

Celebrate the people you love for no reason other than the simple ways they're wonderful.

On The Shoulders Of Giants

A heartfelt collection of illustrated poems for adults providing comfort for paths you might have walked quietly and hope for a freer, more connected world to come in which you are a gift.

Comfort after loss

"That book understands"

beautifully illustrated book about love and loss safe for any age. 

Embracing fears

It can be exhausting drowning out your fears and doubts. Hidden Monsters provides a gentle reminder that they're on your side and how to welcome them in to feel more at peace in yourself

"As I sat and listened, I began to understand, that the life I'd grown was magical, just not the one I'd planned"