A little about me...

I create stories which delight in the magic of the everyday and emphathise with the trickier parts of life, told through comforting tales, beautiful illustrations and heartwarming animations.

Customer reviews
Lorna is much more than a talented illustrator. Intuitive, creative and creates magic in all she does. Some people have that special something and Lorna has it in spades.
— C O'neill
I have a 21 month old pointing at your Badger and Hedgehog picture and naming all the things on it - especially Badger and the stars! It's very cute, thank you!
— R. Glew
We've read each story twice this evening and she's asleep hugging them now.
— K. Pearson
Lorna has been extremely helpful and compassionate with my order and I am very confident that my mum will love her gift and cherish for years to come. Thank you so much for your beautiful work.
— F Kingsley-Chase
Beautiful, uplifting artwork that will turn any dull moments into warm, snuggly ones!
— M. Amatt
I am a CBT therapist and have given your books to some of my clients to help them. I think they are beautiful. Love never dies has helped some of my clients with grief and Hidden Monsters is great to teach people to take a different attitude to their thoughts by accepting them rather than getting into a battle with them.
— Karen Baldwin

Bespoke Illustrations

"Don’t expect to get what you ask for from Lorna. She will take your brief, fill it with her own special magic, and deliver you something spectacular!" Steph, UK