Creating space for difficult words

Seeing a child face a painful experience is something no one wants to think about. Sadly it is a reality for many children. While it is unimaginable for the children themselves, it is also really challenging for the adults in their lives who want to support them. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start, what to say, where to begin. But certainly talking is so often beneficial for processing emotions, and those wonderful people holding space for these conversations are doing such a fabulous job. 

I have been sent some incredibly moving feedback from teachers who have been using my book Love Never Dies at their schools to help any children experiencing grief.




What has often accompanied the feedback has been a beautiful drawing that the child has done inspired by illustrations in the book. I know that time spent drawing these pictures has helped facilitate open conversations around whatever the child may be experiencing. 




I wanted to help this by creating a set of colouring-in sheets based on my illustrations in Love Never Dies. I hope that this activity with a connection to the book will help create an environment where open conversations around grief and loss can unravel at a gentle pace. Drawing and colouring can be a very calming activity and I often process the world myself by drawing. I really hope this is a source of support and calm for anyone facing a challenging time. 



If you know any teachers or therapists who might benefit from these resources, please feel free to forward this page to them. 

Click here for the book Love Never Dies 

Find the Love Never Dies Colouring In sheets here

If you, or a loved one, are affected by grief or loss at the moment, my thoughts are with you. 

Lorna x

Lorna Gibson
Tagged: bereavement grief



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