Hidden Monsters


This book is all about the things we can hide to tell the world 'I'm fine'. A powerful storyline with evocative illustrations which explore the magnitude of what it might feel like to hold in your biggest worries and fears, but also how wonderful it can be to accept them into your world for tea, just as you are. 

I have been sharing parts of this book over the past few weeks in my newsletter and the impact it's had already has been incredibly touching:

“I showed her your pictures. We both agreed that everything she's feeling is in your illustrations. Having a visual has really helped her feel calmer and more able to manage her emotions. Keep doing what you do, you are magic” 

"I am a CBT therapist and have given your books to some of my clients to help them. I think they are beautiful. Love never dies has helped some of my clients with grief and Hidden Monsters is great to teach people to take a different attitude to their thoughts by accepting them rather than getting into a battle with them" K. Baldwin



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Hidden Monsters - for all ages!

Hidden Monsters is an absolutely beautiful book both in its illustrations and message. It's a comforting special book that gently talks about our emotions and fears, the ones that we all have that we want to turn away from, ignore, pretend don't exist, hide from the world. But instead this beautiful book expresses them, looks at them and let's you see that you're not alone, how ok they are to not only feel but to also hold alongside everything else you feel. Thereby removing the concept of good or bad emotions and fears and instead encourages you to embrace them all. The other wonderful aspect to Hidden Monsters is that it is so relatable and honest whilst being gentle and kind and so is appropriate for all ages and stages! I absolutely love this book and cannot recommend it enough❤️

Kathryn Lee

Hidden Monsters reaches the soul. It means so much. ❤

A little book which was a big help

I bought this book for my brother. He lives with OCD and recently a diagnosis of MS. Life is difficult and the pandemic has exacerbated everything.
He was feeling very low, he would admit that to those closest to him but would hide his feelings from others and make out he was ok. I bought this book to help him view his thoughts in a different way in the hope he wouldn’t be consumed by them.
My brother rarely mention gifts but he said he received the book and read it straight away. For him, this is praise indeed and tells me I bought him a useful, thoughtful present. Thank you for creating meaningful, beautiful and helpful books. I’m glad I discovered toots design.

Alison Tickner
Beautiful book

Beautiful book - words, pictures, message within - everything about this book is beautiful.

Jakki Thomson
Hidden Monsters

This book is excellent. The illustrations are beautifully put together I highly recommend this.