Love Never Dies


Love Never Dies

I created this emotionally powerful and comforting book for children who have experienced a bereavement. It has had an incredible impact already, on both children and adults and furthermore, Grief Encounter, 2Wish Upon a star and many independent mental health workers have used this book as one of their key resources following a bereavement. My thoughts are with you if you need this book.

  • Book size: 150x150mm
  • Drop a gift message in with your order and I will pop it in with your book when it's being wrapped up.

You will receive a link to some Love Never Dies colouring-in sheets which I hope will help create a space where open conversations might be able unravel at a gentle pace with a connection to the book. 

"I'm the bereavement lead nurse for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. The book you wrote is amazing. We are always looking for resources to give to bereaved families and siblings. It really is better than anything we have."

"So we read Love Never Dies. A typical 5.5 year old, the first thing she said when I said the title of the book was Daddy died and there we began. Basically by the end, we were both a bit wobbly but she turned to me and said "that book understands."  I asked her why and she said "it's right, you do want to look for him even though you know he's not there, he's dead and that means he's gone. And it also knows that Daddy still loves me." I looked at her and she pointed at her chest and said “here in my heart he loves me and I love him”. Then she flung her arms around me and said “I love you, thank you for reading me your special book”, lay down, and within minutes was fast asleep. As I write this the tears are welling. Honestly though, that wouldn't have happened without your book." 

"I am a CBT therapist and have given your books to some of my clients to help them. I think they are beautiful. Love never dies has helped some of my clients with grief and Hidden Monsters is great to teach people to take a different attitude to their thoughts by accepting them rather than getting into a battle with them" K. Baldwin


What inspired me to create this book
Just days after the birth of his little girl, my Dad's friend Jeroen was tragically killed outside his house as he popped out to post some birth announcement cards. I created this illustration and poem, truly hoping I could provide some comfort for Jeroen’s wonderful wife and daughter, Nadja and Fleur. I am so touched that this comfort is being shared around the world to reach other people who need it too.



Customer Reviews

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Dorothy Hinman
A beautiful book

I gave the book to my granddaughter who was grieving the loss of her mom. The book was cathartic -- she cried and cried, the first time she'd shed tears. She loves the book and has shared it with others grieving a loss. Beautiful! I loved it as well (this is the second copy I've ordered) and will continue to treasure it.

Amandeep Kaur
Falls short

Lovely idea and intent. Falls short because book size and content is not proportionate to the price. Not the right fit for me but fine for a child who has lost a caregiver perhaps and can't engage in a basic conversation about it.

Maggie Angell
Love Never Dies

Just so heart warmingly beautiful, and perfect for sharing your thoughts with loss.

Beautiful book

Such a thoughtful and beautiful book. I had a question about my order and the author sent a lovely response and very quickly. Thank you


I bought Love Never Dies for my wonderful friend who has recently lost his grand daughter to sepsis. He is naturally heartbroken and I wanted him to have something to comfort him and give him hope. He loves the book - I read it out to him and he has kept it on his mantlepiece ever since.
Thank you for capturing grief and love and feelings in such a perfect way xxx