I have been working on the concept for this new book since 2021 when I wrote one of then poems called Magic Warriors and I'm excited to share it with you on September 29th when preorders will open. 


On The Shoulders of Giants is a collection of deeply heartfelt illustrated poems which have been inspired by contemplating our world having been shaped by those who came before us - for better or for worse - and being grateful to the courageous souls who helped challenge societal norms and expectations, paving the way towards a more understanding and accepting culture than what came before. I believe we still have a way to go towards unlearning some of societies more unhelpful lessons in favour of a brighter, freer, more connected world, and I'm certain that you’re playing a wonderful part in this.



The experiences which shape both us and the time we live in are so complex and vast, I can’t begin to do them all justice. But what I would like to do is present to you a reminder that you are a gift to this world in your entirety, in full colour - not a gift despite your life experiences but because of them. A reminder that you too are a giant upon whose shoulders future generations will stand as well. I want this book to feel healing to parts of you that might have struggled to here and encouraging for the parts yearning to embrace life's next chapter with a hopeful heart.  If life were a game of pass the parcel, played with wonderful people we meet, you reveal beautiful new layers as time goes by, getting better and better as you go because the closer you get to the centre, underneath it all, your core being is truly a beautiful gift to this world. 


Preorders open 29th September 2023. 

Lorna Gibson