If there were a theme to be noticed in my illustrations, it would be tea. You'd be forgiven for thinking I might be sponsored by Tetley.

Popping a teaset into my illustrations is something I do often, and it might be easy to assume that they're all the same. I love the colour they bring, but I also love the meaning behind them. There are so many times for tea, and each setting is what makes it special. Here are a few of my favoutites:


1) The one in bed.


2) The one when someone cared to ask how you take it and pours it exactly as you wanted.



3) The one with a Victoria sponge cake on a your birthday.


4) The one on the sofa when the mug stays warm ages after you've finished it.

5) The one you grab at the station as you gently ponder your day.

6) The one you didn't remember drinking while you were multi-tasking and you double check your cup in disbelief just to be sure it's empty.

7) The one with the long-awaited chat with a friend which lifts you higher than the stars

8) The one that's part tea, part saline to be shared with biscuits and pets.

9) The one your friend makes you which tastes a bit funny but you're so happy to be there and too polite to say anything so you drink it anyway.

10) The one where you just needed a friend.

11) The one you drink on the hottest day of summer because you're british and that's what you do

12) The one you enjoy in the most perfect company. Quietly content.


Never far from a brew. I'd love to hear about your favourite tea moments too. Lorna x

Lorna Gibson