You might have watched Mr Bear's Christmas which was my first attempt at making a film. Since then, I have loved dreaming up more animated adventures for Mr Bear and I'd love to tell you about one I've been working on called Mr Bear's Birthday.

I had written a story about Mr Bear’s Birthday and knew in my heart what it might look like, but wanted to see what others thought too so I began by asking on instagram when Mr Bear might have his birthday. To my delight, it was a late winter/spring time of year.  I really wanted to have snowy trees and cherry blossom in this one and so it began ... a winter/spring birthday for Mr Bear. 


Although I was keen to finish animating every story in The Tales Of Mr Bear, it was the story of Mr Bear’s Birthday which really set up camp in my mind and created a strong impotus to start filming again in 2023. 
This business I've built really began by gifting people illustrated cards for birthdays and Christmases - the same was true for Beatrix Potter I recently discovered and many other artists I'm sure - so celebrating home made gifts, cakes and love shown in simple beautiful ways is something I love to do.
And so, Mr Bear’s Birthday is a little adventure of baking for Mouse with a little help from her friends in the forest. It is yet again a tale of friendship and love and it gave me so much warmth in my heart creating this story and film. 
A lot of this film takes place in the Kitchen which I had to design from scratch - it has never featured in any of the other stories or illustrations. This took me quite a while to design and even saw me attempt to needlefelt an oven 😂!
In the end, I used a mix of wool and clay for cupboards.
A shoutout to Mum who lovingly stitched the kitchen curtains. When it was all ready, I installed a little oven light which gave me lots of geeky satisfaction hehe! Plus the dial will actually turn (even if it's a little bit of bent wire pressed into the foam behind the oven door ☺️)

There were so many wonderful details which gave me joy to put in, recipe books, baking equipment, aprons, kitchen appliances and much more. I feel so much warmth inside at the idea of sharing this film with you. I am not sure when or how that will be just yet, but you'll be the first to know. For now, I will leave you with a tiny apron I made for Mouse from a duster and some lace  🥰
I think needlefelting an oven was both a high and low of making this film - wondering what my life has come to yet also giggling at the things you do to make something happen! 
Lorna Gibson