A blank page

Few things make me as wriggly and uncomfortable as a blank page, a new project, the first words. Ugh, where to start. I usually resort with starting via the kettle or an entirely different task. When the outcome isn't clear, the path totally unknown,  that blank page taunts you with its pristine perfection. 

The discomfort sits perfectly between endless possibilities and no clue where to start. I've learnt to recognise this phase as part of the process and to be unconcerned if the kettle needs to be boiled 20 times to get through it, so long as I take one tiny step. Not knowing where it'll lead to is totally fine. 

The dots connect with hindsight 

It's so much fun to connect the dots in reverse, to remember those uncertain phases you overcame and seeing the places they led to which you could never have imagined when you took the first step. This week, a lovely friend reminded me of a hat brand I created a few years back. It was my first business and was born out of an inconsequential sketch and it was very much a part of the process in leading me to here and to you.

 I've put some of that adventure into a blog post for you which you can read just here.

One snowy winter's evening in my flat in the mountains,  I sketched this little mouse coming home to a cosy, glowing house. You might recognise it. That day I had no idea where this little sketch would lead me. But I love where it did.

Those pencil marks lead me to this illustration, to the Tales of Mr Bear and then onto my first animation, Mr Bear's Christmas.

Make your mark, mess up the paper, it doesn't matter where it takes you and you don't need the answers yet.  Just make the first mark, and as many cups of tea as you need.


Lorna Gibson