Magic is the wonder
When you tell the stars your dreams
And they whisper opportunities
And life’s not all it seems
Magic is the wonder
Of your childhood kept alive
Of listening for sleigh bells
With the faith of being five

Magic is the wonder 
Of the sky lit up at night
Impossible to comprehend
Each perfect tiny light. 
Magic is the wonder 
Of a simple cup of tea
Over wordless conversations
Through a look from you to me. 
Magic is the wonder
Of flowers grown from seed
Of butterflies from tiny bugs
And beauty found in weeds
Magic is the wonder
Which your eyes will disbelieve 
Yet your heart will know that magic’s
More than tricks tucked up your sleeve.
Lorna Gibson


Everything that is posted is so inspiring but, every so often there’s one that that makes your smile just that little bit bigger, your heart just a little bit fuller.

Thank you for sharing xxx

— Linda Clennett

So beautiful! I was actually smiling and saying “yes!” as I was reading it, could resonate with every line!
Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all xx

— Wendy Bailey