Daylight savings has always seemed like a funny concept, bringing up the most British of small talk - anything starting with "this time tomorrow" and "this time last week". I enjoyed imagining where all the saved daylight was stored, and more importantly... how it got spent. 




I loved to think of it being bottled up annually in a jar. An hour's worth of beautiful light from October 2013, waiting to be released when needed, or to be shared on a warm summers evening, a sparkly release of glowing sunbeams. Like an extra strong home brew spontaneously uncorked with a twinkly smile.





I have pondered time quite a lot recently, how much we chase it, try to save it, catch it, spend it more wisely. But also how much we can become so entangled in the future or the past depending on experiences and emotions and that time is rarely felt as consistently as a clock would have you believe. Which led me to writing this. 



The longest night

With piercing cries

Eternal days

Of toddler 'why's


Fleeting beauty

Wondrous skies

Baited breath

Till life slips by


Broken hearts

With extra fries

A winters day

With apple pies


Persistence pays

With one more tries

Dreams let go

With heavy sighs


Whirring thoughts

While washing dries

Baggy clothes

And tired eyes


Ships that passed

and ‘why didn’t I’s’

A friend request

Rekindling ties


Mastered skills

Triumphant prize

Deserving chance

Which luck denies


Thankless jobs

Which money buys

Daily grinds

And short supplies


Lost time cursing

Dimpled thighs

A target weight

Which joy denies


A long trip home

A huge surprise

Driveway hugs

And fond goodbyes


Phone calls sharing

Lows and highs

The needed words

A friend replies


Time won’t stop

Away it flies

Magic mirrored

Sparkling eyes.



The Daylight Spendings illustration is available to buy as a print here

Lorna Gibson
Tagged: time


Love your poem and art. Daylight spending is a wonderful concept. We wish to savor each moment and your art and poetry enlighten us.

— Jenna J


— vanessa

Beautiful! Your artwork is brilliant in its simplicity and I love your poems! Thank you! ❤️

— Robbie B

This is absolutely beautiful.❤️

— Shannon

Beautiful as always. xx

— mamma bear