I"M LATE... I"M LATE....

Being behind is a feeling that can become ever present, thriving under an endless to-do list and unmet expectations of self.
It is always there with new jobs, ticking clocks and a calendar that seems to leap from one year to the next without a second thought about which birthday number you'd like to stay at while you accomplish all of your dreams - hehe ... how inconsiderate!
Alice In Wonderland Illustration with the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit

While standing beside a clock, the tick seems so constant, yet time is so strangely inconsistent. From the bizarre time soup of a painful loss to the eternity of each second while holding a plank in the gym.

I realised that this sense of time features in each one of my books too. How precious it feels when things are fabulous, and how many moments we can miss chasing dreams, and how it all blurs when things feel hard.



Earlier in the year there was an amaryllis which seemed to get stuck and stall. Feeling empathy for the little plant, I nicknamed it the Ted Lasso and kept the faith that it would eventually flower when it was ready. It certainly did, out of sync with when it was 'supposed to' but it had it's own timeline, and I loved that. It set me up perfectly for a year of challenges to overcome which all felt frustratingly slow in the moment, but I was endlessly grateful for the Ted Lasso TV show and plant reminding me to believe until the last minute, and it never failed to help. Nothing sped up as a result of believing it would come good, but I felt a lot calmer and trusting during the wait. 


Time is so precious, I know that so many of you here have lost loved ones and I don't need to tell you that. But I hope that your days are filled with more moments than minutes and that time stalls to show you the wonder before your eyes. You can never be late for your own life. You're exactly where you need to be. Exactly as you are.

With much love,



Lorna Gibson


Thank you for these wise thoughtful words Lorna. I am convinced I am so late for my own life, left far too much far to late.
The all consuming sadness and pain of loosing my daughter has made my life stand still. Will I ever catch up, where do I start ? Do I want to?
I hope my days can be filled with more moments than minutes sometime soon. Xx

— Jean