I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how wonderful you are. Just as you are. Because sometimes it's easy to forget. And it's especially easy to forget if you're being questioned through a lens of society's most common list of expectations.

Christmas time can be a prime season for social gatherings to throw curveball comments your direction. If you're bracing yourself for a round of these at any impending events, please remember that your true magic can't always be revealed in small talk. But just because it isn't revealed, doesn't mean it isn't there.

So please remember that you are more sparkly than any party dress and will brighten up any room, just by being yourself. 





“You next”…winks and nudges
As they look up from the pram
Without a moment’s thought for me
Or knowing who I am
Thrown under the spotlight
Without respect or place to hide,
No clue of loss or heartache
Or the hours that I’ve cried
Tick tock said someone casually
When they asked about my age
I smiled back politely with
My words trapped in a cage
“Why don’t you have?”, “When will you have?”
And "please don’t miss the boat"
That boat of yours might sink me
And I’m trying to stay afloat
How much I’d love for small talk
To rejoice in what I‘ve got
Without the endless focus
On everything I’m not.
If you know someone who would love a reminder of all their sparkly magic, Just As You Are would be a delightful addition to any stocking, filled with uplifting comforting words and illustrations encouraging you to remember how wonderful you are. 
"The words and illustrations are like a big warm hug, a scrumptiously comforting hot chocolate in your favourite mug after a long day. Very meaningful and totally feel-good, a highly recommended read" 
Lorna Gibson