Shopping small is huge

Since running my own business, I hold even more respect for small, independent businesses, and it gives me a lot of joy to support them wherever possible, especially for Christmas shopping and amongst the increasing pressures of Black Friday.

I totally understand why small business are called 'small', in many ways we are tiny but it always sounds odd because on the inside... it feels huge. 

 I love the creativity, I could do that endlessly and it's where it all started for me. But there are all the other things, managing a website, orders, shipping, accounts, marketing, social media, content creation, product design and printing and as things grow in the business...ALLLL the things grow. 

 It's a beautiful thing and so very exciting to be a part of. I often feel like I should still be at school, that there will be someone I can walk up to with my homework to cast an eye over it and say I'm doing ok, but there is no roadmap, no curriculum, no right or wrong answers. It's terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure. "small" just doesn't cut it.... Perhaps like labelling a marathon a small jog. 

So while small business might not be the same scale as the big ones, please know that every order will mean the world. One tiny person is shooting for the stars each day and juggling it all solo, will feel like a climbing a mountain.. Anytime you like, comment, share a post, it helps them spread their wings to fly. 

Some tiny ways you can help a small (HUGE) business: 
💛 Like/comment/share their social media posts
⭐️ Buy small items like a card from your fav independent shop
✨ Recommend your favs to friends and family.
😊 Tell them they're doing really well and that you believe in them.

Some of these things cost nothing, but will be immensely valuable to someone growing a business. 

I have felt your love and support so much. And that energy behind me, keeps me going when it all feels big. I have a folder of your messages like this which I turn to sometimes for encouragement. I am so grateful for everything you do to support me, and I know that your local independent shops and businesses will feel the same. 



Holly Tucker shared this post this week and it summed it all up perfectly for me.



Lorna Gibson