Shortly after lockdown ended in 2021, these words tumbled out into my notes app as I walked around the forest in the rain. The world had been a place of heavy reflection and what struck me was how many social shifts were taking place. Conversations around racism, sexism, mental health, LGBTQ+ rights were all getting louder and more and more people were finding their voice. I am so grateful to everyone who boldly paved the way for others to speak up and live authentically without, or with less, fear or shame. I know there is still a long way to go, but I believe that we stand on the shoulders of giants, and this poem is a thank you to every one of them. And a thank you to you too for making the world a better place.

To all the Magic Warriors 
How much I wish you knew 
You made the world a better place
With just the words ‘me too’ 

How dark the closet must have been 
Til you ‘came out’ this way 
You had nothing to be hidden
Is all I want to say 
Young boy putting on make-up in a mirror
On the front page of a health mag 
Without an ab in sight
Owning all your beauty 
So other people might 
Girl looking in a mirror
The pioneers in jobs and roles
Where you felt you didn’t match
The discomfort was the light you shone 
On those not up to scratch 

For anyone who felt a loss
And packed it down inside 
Then opened up the dialogue 
So others could confide 

Girl sitting curled up in an armchair

For everyone who took a step 
To lay your heart out bare
You told me it was safe for me
Safe for me to share 

When I didn’t have the confidence 
Your words were centre stage
And I felt you lift me up a notch
To pen a brand new page 

For you to have the courage 
To forge the way to go
A path where you could sparkle 
Is the bravest thing I know 

You made the world a better place
Shone light upon your rain 
Unashamed to own your magic
Made colours born from pain

To all the magic warriors
Who live in every hue 
Keep lighting up the raindrops
As the youest kind of you

Lorna Gibson


Isn’t it wonderful where we find real magic in the world? In the hearts and minds of people like us and unlike us. We need both to achieve understanding. Thanks for your illuminating poem.

— Jenna J

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Getting the rubbish out of the box is always better. It might be hideous opening the box, but once the stored stuff has been emptied out all you have is a box. It is amazing the beautiful things you can find to refill it! AND you can ask people for things to go in there. Thank you Lorna.

— I know

A fantastic idea Lorna and very inspiring. I love your poem your idea and love love the illustrations. (A line from a version of one of my favourite songs, from my favourite film, Moulin Rouge!)
Keep being an amazing human 💛

— Kerry

Whilst it is a good idea, for some, including myself. Once you have packed your hurt in that box. You don’t want to open it! At 72 going through that box, after the horrible things going on in the world these past few years; just let it be!

— Magsie