If you're reading this, I just wanted to say a big thank you from my corner of the internet. 
I would describe myself as a solo business owner - certainly I'm the only one on the payroll and I laugh at the spam emails addressed "Hello team at Toots Design'. But the truth is, there is a huge invisible team behind me, yourself included. For confidence comes when you've done things many times, and in this adventure everything feels new. When things are new, before confidence arrives, you need courage, courage a-plenty, and some days it's hard to find all the courage I need by myself to take leaps. But I have benefitted from the most beautiful team of family and friends, coaches and mentors. A team of the most wonderful people. They don't hold a title, but they hold me. They hold me accountable, they hold me up when things feel difficult, uncomfortable, too big. They hold space for me when things don't go to plan, and they keep me believing in my dreams. You're a part of this invisible team, your encouragement sits in a screenshot on my phone, your kind words, comments, messages, orders, recommendations are all interwoven into this little business, and please know you make such a difference. 
Thank you for your support. x
Unchartered waters 
And carving out paths 
Long unpaid hours 
But 2pm baths 
The phrase ever uttered
“I should just get a job”
With one poorly-worded
Review and a sob 
Worth feels embedded
In Shopify pings
But with global uncertainty
Crickets can sing 
If all else was lost
There were instagram hearts
Where once it felt social 
Now drifted apart 
Trolls lurk like toddlers
Expressing dismay
Keen to make clear
You cut toast the wrong way  
Staying afloat 
Choppy waters we bob 
Searching for land
“I should just get a job”
When your arms have grown tired
Of paddling through 
But a message drops in 
Oh I LOVE what you do. 
Just one kind comment
Fuels just one more day.
Purpose renewed
Courage to stay. 



Thank you for reading, for being here & for your support. If you're reading as a small business in these turbulent times, and these words hit home, I'm sending a big hug through the screen. 

If anyone you know could use a little encouragement right now, Just As You Are is a little book filled with uplifting messages to chase your dreams. You can find it here. There is also a set of cards to accompany them which you can find here


With love,

Lorna x





Lorna Gibson


Your words, your illustrations are like receiving a hug. They are so meaningful and inspirational. I bought your notecards and a book and when I’m having a “day”, I pick them up and just looking at the pictures and reading the words, calm me….I hope you always continue what you are doing because sharing a little bit of magic thru what you do is a gift. I’m grateful.

— Joan Fantozzi