'Thinking Of You' Christmas Card


'Thinking Of You' Christmas Card
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This card follows on from the 2020 'If Christmas Is Hard' card which was sent to many corners of the world to comfort so many people struggling at Christmas following a bereavement. 
Knowing that grief often doesn't vanish over a year, I wanted to create a follow up card which could be sent with the same sentiment to anyone who might still be finding this Christmas a difficult time. 
I hope this card will help them to feel loved, comforted and not at all alone. 
Inside the card reads the last part of the If Christmas Is Hard poem:

There's no need to be merry
No need to be bright
Just do what you can
It will all be alright



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JodiAnn Lass
Lorna - the light your soul shines is a beacon and a balm to those seeking solace and affirmation.

Just amazing! Uplifting, insightful, heart-warming, empathetic.
Age-less, time-less, affirming.
Endearing characters who convey emotion - unerringly & consistently, even over time...
Loving words - pearls of wisdom, comfort, wonder, delight...
Love - quiet, peaceful, encouraging & unconditional - completely conveyed with well chosen words & images. Awesome.